Yoga Classes

I am currently teaching yoga to the wonderful residents of Mirehaven Retirement Community, offering monthly pop up classes, and continue to offer private and semi private classes.

I teach a unique blend of restorative and gentle flow classes. Each class starts with warming the body, beginning postures and a shared focus of the class. As the class progresses we find more opening and advanced modifications are offered. Each class ends with a series of restorative poses and the offering of essential oils. Expect individual attention, modifications, and to create space in body and mind!

Each class will blend different aspects of yoga practice including breath work, functional and intuitive movement, and opportunities for growth in mind, body, and breath.

Restorative Yoga– Poses are held for extended periods of time and props are used as support, allowing for gentle opening. A key factor in restorative practice is being supported in a way that asks for little to no muscle exertion. Suitable for all levels of practitioner and complementary to an active lifestyle.

Gentle Flow– This slow paced vinyasa style is suitable for practitioners of every level, those with limited mobility, injuries, and expecting or new mothers.  Focus on building a solid foundation in your yoga practice and learn what poses feel like in your body! We’ll start with beginning poses and gradually work our way up to longer holds and more advanced poses.

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