Yoga for Everyone

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.

I offer private and semi private Vinyasa, gentle flow, and restorative yoga classes. I’m very passionate about guiding and assisting on a one on one basis. I’ll help you refine, advance or slow down your practice, depending on your current wants and needs.

Restorative YogaDuring this deeply relaxing class go inward towards wholeness. Dive into stillness and silence with the intention of finding balance. Expect to rest in various supported poses for several minutes each, using props, gravity and guidance to find quite space in the mind and gentle opening in the body. Think blissful rest and a renewed sense of calm. Excellent for those with physical limitations, anyone seeking to balance a busy lifestyle, athletes, vigorous yoga practitioners, and everyone in between.

Please contact me for private or small group classes.