“I started seeing Thresa after experiencing months of back pain. She was definitely instrumental to the healing process. Eight years later I continue to see Thresa on a regular basis for maintenance, neck and back issues that arise, and for my general health and wellbeing. I highly value Thresa’s extensive knowledge and expertise in massage, as well as her passion for her work. I appreciate that Thresa is always calm, positive and encouraging. Trinity Therapeutics provides a serene, welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. It is the peaceful oasis that I need in my often stressful, too busy life.”

Madalyn O.

“There are so many good things to say about Thresa!  I first met her 4 years ago when I was looking for a new massage therapist, from my first massage I was hooked.  I started seeing her every 2 weeks and quickly increased my massage times to one time per week.  Body maintenance has always been very important to me because I’m very physically active and massage is just one of the self-care techniques I employ.  A few of my favorite things about my massages with her are that each massage is different based on what my body needs at that moment, she listens to what you need and I always walk out of my massage feeling better.  Additionally, I’ve attend her yoga classes and I always feel great after class.  There is no pressure to perform and you can accept where you are for the day.  I would highly recommend a massage or yoga class from Thresa!”

Sara B.

“I have known Thresa as my Therapist for 6 years, before her I have had thousands of massages by hundreds of therapists. There is no one as good as her, out of all of those! What makes her special? She has a vast knowledge of the human body, and skills that are age and body type related, the best part is she has healing hands! She is a true healer through massage, I recommend her above anyone! ”

Jonathon P.

“When I first met Thresa, I thought, “This is just another massage,” but I was wrong.  With the knowledge and advanced technique gained from medical massage training and her desire for a healthy life, here I am 2+ years later and I couldn’t feel better.  I see her on a weekly basis and won’t go anywhere else.  It takes more than a license to be a massage therapist, it takes passion and Thresa has a natural passion for her profession.”

Laura K.